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Hiring someone to do Electrical Work? What You Need To Know…

You cannot just hire an electrician anymore. You must hire a LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR.

This ensures that they:

*are fully insured

*have WSIB

*there is a Master Electrician within the company

*are qualified to perform the type of electrical work you require

*can offer a Certificate of Inspection 

When you see a symbol like ECRA or ECRA/ESA on a quote, invoice or on the service vehicle, you know that you have hired a LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. 

A LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR meets certain criteria’s governed by Electrical Safety Authority.

Licenses have to be renewed yearly and all qualifications are met or the licenses are not renewed and that electrical contractor can no longer do electrical work.

In the end not your handyman, renovator, general contractor, carpenter and electrician can do electrical work. 

A Licensed Electrical Contractor is the only service provider legally authorized to perform electrical work in someone’s home or business in Ontario.  

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Gord Thompson Master Electrician

Owner of Century Electric

ECRA/ESA #7008991